Bank BTN - Pendaftaran Online (Close 31 Mei 2018)

Officer Development Program is  a  recruitment  position  at  the  officer  level  within  the  development  program  for  the  future  leaders  Bank  BTN  and  educates  to  be  professional  bankers  on  hard  and  soft  competencies  in  various  fields.
Indonesian  Citizens
Male  and  Female
Not  married  and  willing  to  not  get  married  during  the  program
Maximum  Age 26 (not yet 27th in the current recruitment year)
from  reputable  universities
GPA  minimum  of  3.00  of  4.00
Preferably  major  from  economics, law, computer  science
Engineering, pshycology and statistics
Proportional  and  good  looking

Pendaftaran Online

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